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About us

In 2003 Ecodock created it's marine conveyonce system to address enviromental and regulatory limitations on the great lakes.

 Ecodock developed a safe, robust, water friendly, water craft management system. This was done by succesfully combining  modern drive on floating dock technologies with state of the art wireless remote controlled railcar systems.

­ Compared to old school pile and solid piers Ecodock is land based and provides safer water craft protection.  Ecodock's zero maintinance design eliminates the annual costs associated with water based pile and solid piers. In other words the initial construction cost of Ecodock  is comperable to solid piers, but without the lifetime costs of repair and maintinance. 

 In 2003 Ecodock was trademarked.

In 2005 the first Ecodock went into commerce. ­

How  it workS ?